I finally had the chance to watch StreetDance 3D at a special preview screening last week. The film is the biggest and most talked about dance movie to come out of the UK for some time. The film will have it's premiere in Leicester Square tomorrow evening at 6pm, so all of you dance fans looking to catch a glimpse of Flawless, George Sampson, Diversity and the other stars of the show, make sure you get down there and lend the film your support and be part of the buzz...

The film itself is loads of fun, sure, its not the most challenging piece of cinema in the world, but it is glamorous, fun and full of exciting dance from some of London's brightest talents. Visually stunning and lighthearted in tone, it brings together classical ballet and commercial streetdance and you'll have a great time watching it. I hope it does really well, paving the way for a new wave of UK dance movies to be made. I particularly hope that filmmakers will take on the challenge of making a dance movie that has the full package over the next few years. This movie is a great start, and certainly proves that the UK dance scene is one to watch, but I'd relish a more subversive and surprising take on dance culture to be the UK's next offering. However StreetDance 3D is a great reminder that dance can wow on a cinema screen and I have a feeling it will be really popular!

In cinemas from 21st May - click here to see the trailer and for all the info

Check out this review which gives you a good idea of the film

I'll keep you up-to-date with all the behind the scenes gossip from the premiere tomorrow!